Mixer Truck Manufactured Stone installed at our concrete plant in Mattoon, Illinois Mixer Truck Our concrete plant in Effingham Manufactured Stone Manufactured Stone Our concrete plant in Mattoon Night pour on 3rd lane on interstate around Effingham

In 2006 several concrete contractors in central Illinois formed a company to produce concrete specifically formulated for the residential contractor.  They knew that concrete needed to be workable, easy to finish and yet attain the strength and durability expected and required of concrete.  Although developing mixes under lab conditions is a necessary part of the process, the real test is how the concrete performs long term when placed in field conditions.  They opened their first ready mixed concrete plant in Effingham, Illinois in June of that year.

The second plant was opened in Mattoon, Illinois in January of 2010.  Although the residential market is still a very important part of their business, they currently deliver concrete for streets, bridges, factories, warehouses, stores and a large variety of projects.

They have the facilities and equipment to design mixes specifically for the job or fulfill the requirements of  the most demanding specified mix design.

2604 Haarmann Street,
Effingham IL 62401